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Florida upholstered furniture stands out not only with its elegant and modern look but also with its multi-functionality and comfort. Due to the use of bonnell springs and HD foam, the sofa-bed is as comfortable for sitting as for sleeping. Florida is upholstered in an light brown and off white polyester thick fabric that is stain resistant and easy to clean, yet soft to touch. This feature makes the collection ideal for those with children, pets or anyone who just wants the reassurance of being able to clean up any spills.


Color Combination of light brown and off-white colors.
Material The base of the furniture is made of wood to ensure durability.
The seats are made of Bonel springs and HD foam which makes the seats both firm and soft.
The mechanism turning the sofa into a bed is made of metal and is highly durable.
The outer part is made of high-quality thick fabric which also has a soft touch
Size (cm) Sofa - 230
Armchairs -100
Width of armrests- 20

In the case of individual orders size and color changes can be applied.

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