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Our production

All products produced by our company are of local production. However, a part of the raw materials is being imported from countries which are specialized in that field, and another part is being manufactured here, in Armenia. Apart from demonstrated products in our furniture stores, we also offer custom-made products. To offer the best custom-made products to our customers, we work with furniture and 3D designers. And to make sure that our customers are always happy with our survives, we provide both 3D modeling and delivery services free of charge.


A bedroom is a place where a person wants to get detached from the outside world and immerse in his/her reality. When designing bedroom furniture, we take into consideration these factors and try to come up with models that stand out not only with their high-quality and design, but also reflect individuals inner states and moods.

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Thanks to our dining room and upholstered furniture sets, you can create the most beautiful and comfortable place in your home. We offer furniture in Classic, Traditional and Modern styles to please the different tastes of our customers and help them create a luxurious environment where they can spend a quality time both with their family and friends.

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The kitchen is the heart of every house. Here creates not only the most delicious food but also the most memorable and funny stories of everyday life. And thanks to our modern and high-quality kitchen furniture sets, you will create a more comfortable and motivating environment for your everyday life and future memories.

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Children are our future, and ensuring their happy and healthy childhood is our responsibility. That is why our company is aiming to create kids bedroom sets and cribs which are made of exceptionally from ecologically clean materials and anti-allergic paints. On top of that, we come up with design solutions which will help to create your kid's dream bedroom with all the fairy-tale features.

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About Us

SHKAFF is a local furniture manufacturer and, at present, the company has four sales points. More than thirty years ago, the company was founded as a family business. Certainly, our entry into the local furniture industry has not been at once and with a large scale of production. It has been with small steps but with a continuous growth; a pattern which is typical of a company relying on internal resources. Thirty years ago, when the company was still operating under another name, we started as a small scale, custom-made furniture manufacturer, with a couple of orders per month. While now, we are considered as a large-scale furniture manufacturer, equipped with the latest technologies available in this field.

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