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Gioconda living room furniture will give an elegant and mysterious look to your house. The rich dark brown color of the beech wood and fascinating handmade patterns on the wood won’t let anyone indifferent towards this masterpiece. And the golden brown jacquard fabric will further complete the luxurious look of the Gioconda furniture set.


Color The natural color of the beech wood.
Material Materials used: wood, laminate, MDF, mirrors.
The base of the chairs and the table are made of beech wood which allows sculpting handmade ornaments on them.
Tabletop is made of MDF with a wood veneer which in its turn is topped with a glossy polyurethane material that is fire and water resistant.
The chair seat is made of springs to ensure softness, and the chair back is given some curvature to support correct sitting posture.
The outer part of the cabinet is made from wood which allows giving a curvy look, and the base part is made from laminate which makes the furniture durable in different room temperature.
All the mirrors are tinted and the glasses are polished.
Size (cm) Table width 100
Table length 200
Table with extension 250

In case of individual orders, fabric and color changes can be made.

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