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Comfortable, positive, irreplaceable. With these three words you can describe Rebeca upholstered furniture which will help turn your living room into a desirable place full of positive vibes. Thanks to orthopedic pocket springs, high quality and washable outer fabric, this furniture will serve you for many years to come.


Color Ivory with multicolor pillows.
Material Materials used: orthopedic pocket springs, HD foam, wood, laminate, sintepon, high-quality thick fabric.
The base is made of natural wood to ensure durability.
The seats are made of orthopedic pocket springs and HD foam to ensure the balance between firmness and softness.
The pillow covers have zippers which make cleaning very easy.
The pillows are made of foam and sintepon -again to ensure the balance between softness and firmness.
The outer fabric is thick and of high quality which is washable and antiallergic.
Size (cm) According to individual orders

In the case of individual orders, both color and size changes can be made.

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