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Veneer MDF

Code: 0120009


This kitchen furniture set is designed following both traditional and modern furniture design elements. Through the combination of wood, veneer MDF, aluminum and tinted glasses, we aimed to design a kitchen furniture which would become the central part of your house. We aimed to create a place where you can do your kitchen work and, at the same time, organize gatherings with your family and friends. The uniqueness of this kitchen furniture is that it is designed to include such elements as bar cabinet, buffets and sideboard in a single set, something that makes this set very capacious and ideal for big families.


Color Off-white and brown.
Material The base is made of a laminate which makes the furniture resistant to different room temperatures and also makes the furniture more affordable.
The rounded doors are made of natural wood, and straight, simple ones form Veneer MDF.
Glasses are tinted and engineered to resist the heavy weight of the serveware sets.
The top parts of the buffets and the kitchen island is made of sustainable, veneer rubberwood with aluminum lining to increase its water resistance.
Size (cm) According to individual orders.

In the case of individual orders, both color and size changes can be made.

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Veneer MDF Code: 0120009

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