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Renaissance Light

Code: 0130023


This bedroom furniture is designed following the traditions of Victorian and Renaissance epoch. Due to the selection of colors, white tinted gold, and the design solutions such as tufted bed head or well defined square corners, this furniture create romantic and at the same time mysterious mood in the bedroom. Golden tinted elements of the white furniture emphases all the tittle details and complete the overall Victorian look of the furniture. This bedroom set will attract you not only with its luxurious look but also with its capacity and all the unique features typical to a high quality wooden furniture.


Color Ivory with golden shades.
Light brown
Material Materials used: wood and polished MDF
The base of the furniture is made of polished MDF
The surface of this furniture is made of 100% natural oak wood which ensures the durability of the furniture and gives it a luxurious look.
The base of the bed is made of 100% natural beech wood.
The surface of the bed is made of 100% natural oak wood.
High-quality Italian dyes are used.
Hinges and carts with a vacuum system.
Size (cm) Bed: 160x200 (mat size)
Closet: 210x220x60
Dressing Commode: 100x95x54
Bedside table: 55x56x46

Custom-made option for this item is also available.

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