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This bedroom furniture with a chess board design attained through symmetrical trimmings, will capture your attention with its high-quality and affordable pricing. Chess bedroom set made of high-quality laminate and MDF is resistant to different room temperatures and won’t lose its shiny look in many years to come. And the availability of a storage box inside the bed makes this bedroom set more functional and desireable for those who have a lot of stuff to store.


Color Mid-brown with dark brown elements.
Material Materials used: wood, laminate, MDF, mirrors, accessories.
The base and the outer parts of the furniture is made from laminate which makes the furniture resistant to different room temperatures.
The head of the bed is made from MDF and decorative patterns creating chess board like pattern.
The door opens with a vacuum sliding mechanism which makes this closet more durable and easy to use in small bedrooms.
Size (cm) Closet 220x200x60
Bed 160x190
Dressing Commode 75x100x45
Bedside Table 45x55x45

In the case of individual orders, both color and size changes can be made.

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