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Margarita bedroom set, with its modern but simple solutions, will attracted the attention of those customers who want to create a relaxed, comfortable and, at the same time, a modern environment in their bedrooms. Each element of this furniture has not only design but also functional significance just like in the case of bent bedhead. Due to this type of bedhead, reading or watching TV while lying down in the bed becomes much more comfortable and enjoyable. In the same way, the decorative mirrors on the closet can function as a full-length mirror in the bedroom and create more visual space in there.


Color Combination of natural wood and creamy colors.
Material Materials used: wood, laminate, mirrors.
Both the base and the external parts of the furniture is made from laminate.
The base of the bed is made from wood to ensure durability and the bedhead from a laminate.
Hinges and carts are of high-quality and durable.
Size (cm) Closet -height 220, length 180, depth 60.
Bed - 160x190 (mat size)
Dressing cobinet -height 92, length 100, depth 45.
Bedside table -height 52, length 55, depth 42.

In the case of individual orders, both color and size changes can be made.

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